I must say, “I am so honored and elated to be selected as the first STES Teacher of the Year.” I am truly blessed to work at this great school and I believe in the expression that states, “a person is only as good as the people who may surround them.” Each day, I am surrounded by people who give their all and all. The love, support, empathy and positivity I see each day in my colleagues pushes me to go forth and do my very best! I absolutely love my profession; it is so rewarding! The relationships I build and the connection I make with my students is so meaningful! Daily, there is an opportunity to make an impact and to teach the children something new, something that he or she may benefit from for the rest of their lives. “Doing whatever it takes!” Going above and beyond, striving for the betterment and heightening in each student!  This is what it is all about, motivating and cultivating our future leaders: our children. Once again, I am truly honored to be your “Teacher of the Year.”


       Alisa D. Nails