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  • 2nd-5th Monthly DOJO Party

    Glennville Elementary
  • St. Patrick's Day

    Glennville Elementary
  • Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

    Glennville Elementary
  • PTO/STEM Night

    Glennville Elementary
  • Spring Break

    Glennville Elementary
  • Pre-K Field Day

    Glennville Elementary
  • K-2nd Field Day

    Glennville Elementary
  • 3rd-5th Field Day

    Glennville Elementary
  • ELA Milestone Test

    Glennville Elementary
  • ELA Milestone Test

    Glennville Elementary
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Show Warrior PRIDE in everything that you do.  Students were taught and reminded how to display pride in and around school.  Pride lessons were taught and will continue to be taught throughout the school year.  These lessons include hallway, lunchroom, restroom, recess, and bus PRIDE.  Remember to be productive, respectful, involved, dependable, and excellent in EVERYTHING that you do!


warrior PRIDE.mp4     

~Important School Information for Parents~

If you have an emergency and need to sign out your child before the school day is over,do so before 2:15.
Office closes for dismissal from 2:15 -2:45.


No transportation changes will be
taken after 1:30.  
Please send in a note with your
child to his/her homeroom teacher.
Make sure to display your child's name in the front windshield of your vehicle.  
This allows the pick up process to run quickly.

  There will be times throughout the year in which your child's picture will be taken and published in the local newspaper, Echalk pages, and the Class Dojo site. If you do not want your child's picture published, please notify the homeroom teacher.

Please support our school by sending in Box Tops.  Our school earns money for every Box Top sent in.  More information and a list of products that have Box Tops can be found at the following link.       http://www.boxtops4education.com/   



Hat Day for $1
every Friday!

 If you would like to volunteer at GES contact our PIT Team Representative, Stacey Tatum by phone or email.  

To view our School-Parent Compact Document please see the drop-down menu under the Parents  & Community tab at the top of the website.